Dagstuhl's Impact

Frequently a Dagstuhl Seminar or a Dagstuhl Event is so inspirational that the participants jointly release a publication afterwards.  These works are listed below and are presented on a special shelf in the library.

Please inform us about such publications that are a result from a Dagstuhl Seminar.


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Dagstuhl Event 20253, 14.06.20-17.06.20

Machine intelligence today : applications, methodology, and technology : Selected results of the 1st online Dagstuhl workshop on applied machine intelligence

Wenning, Rigo; Vogel, Tobias; Hoppe, Thomas; Hemmje, Matthias; Fuchs, Michael; Bense, Hermann; Humm, Bernhard G.; Gernhardt, Benjamin; Kaupp, Lukas; Lothary, Sebastian; Schäfer, Kai-Uwe; Thull, Bernhard. - Berlin : Springer, 2021. - 11 pp.. - (Informatik Spektrum ; 2021)

Dagstuhl Seminar 20101, 01.03.20-06.03.20

Resiliency in Numerical Algorithm Design for Extreme Scale Simulations

Agullo, Emmanuel; Altenbernd, Mirco; Anzt, Hartwig; Bautista-Gomez, Leonardo; Benacchio, Tommaso; Bonaventura, Luca; Bungartz,Hans-Joachim; Chatterjee, Sanjay; Ciorba, Florina M.; DeBardeleben, Nathan; Drzisga, Daniel; Eibl, Sebastian; Engelmann, Christian; Gansterer, Wilfried N.; Giraud, Luc; Goeddeke, Dominik; Heisig, Marco; Jezequel, Fabienne; Kohl, Nils; Li, Xiaoye Sherry; Lion, Romain; Mehl, Miriam; Mycek, Paul; Obersteiner, Michael; Quintana-Orti, Enrique S.; Rizzi, Francesco; Ruede, Ulrich; Schulz, Martin; Fung, Fred; Speck, Robert; Stals, Linda; Teranishi, Keita; Thibault, Samuel; Thoennes, Dominik; Wagner, Andreas; Wohlmuth, Barbara. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2020. - 45 pp

Dagstuhl Seminar 20071, 09.02.20-14.02.20

Dagstuhl Seminar on the Foundations of Composite Event Recognition : article

Artikis, Alexander; Eiter, Thomas; Margara, Alessandro; Vansummeren, Stijn. - http://cer.iit.demokritos.gr/, 2021. - 4 pp.

Dagstuhl Seminar 20061, 02.02.20-07.02.20

MaxSAT resolution and subcube sums : article in 23nd International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT’20)

Filmus, Yuval; Mahajan, Meena. - Toronto : University, 2020. - 18 pp.

Dagstuhl Seminar 20041, 19.01.20-24.01.20

Out of Oddity : New Cryptanalytic Techniques Against Symmetric Primitives Optimized for Integrity Proof Systems : article in LNCS 12172 Crypto 2020

Beyne, Tim; Canteaut, Anne; Eichlseder, Maria; Leurent, Gaetan; Wiemer, Friedrich; Todo, Yosuke; Sasaki, Yu; Perrin, Leo; Naya-Plasencia, Maria; Leander, Gregor; Dinur, Itai. - Berlin : Springer, 2021. - 30 pp.. - (Lecture notes in computer science ; 12172 : article) Enth. u.a.: Dagstuhl Seminar 20041