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The Dagstuhl facilities are located at three sites: The computer science center itself at Schloss Dagstuhl in Wadern, the Dagstuhl Office on the campus of Saarland University in Saarbrücken and the dblp team in the branch office on Campus II of Trier University.

When making travel arrangements, please note that all events are held at the Computer Science Center in Wadern. For general inquiries, please contact the Saarbrücken office.

Please visit our team page if you would like to contact a team member directly or if you are looking for a contact person of one of our departments. The webpages regarding specific subject matters also list the respective contact persons.

Be sure to make an appointment if you would like to speak to us in person.

schloss image
Computer Science Centre
  • Schloss Dagstuhl
    Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik
    66687 Wadern, Germany
  • Phone +49 6871 / 905 0
    Fax +49 6871 / 905 133
sb image
Saarbrücken Office
  • Geschäftsstelle Schloss Dagstuhl
    Universität des Saarlandes
    Campus E1 1, Räume U13-U24
    66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Phone +49 6871 / 905 201
    Fax +49 6871 / 905 220
trier image
Trier Office
  • dblp computer science bibliography
    University of Trier
    Campus II, H511-H517
    54286 Trier, Germany
  • Phone +49 651 / 201 3251
    Fax +49 651 / 201 3960

The Schloss Dagstuhl Computer Science Center (Wadern)

The seminars and other events are conducted in Schloss Dagstuhl in Wadern, where the conference center is located. Apart from the well-equipped conference rooms and other facilities the center also provides overnight accommodation and full board for its guests, in addition to a comprehensive informatics research library. Staff of the publishing division also work in the rooms of the computer science center. Furthermore, it is often the meeting place of the scientific staff members usually working at the other locations.


The Dagstuhl Office at Saarland University (Saarbrücken)

The Dagstuhl Office is primarily in charge of the preparation, post-processing and follow-up of Dagstuhl Seminars and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops, administrative assistance for the seminars, media and public relations, committee work for the center's boards, and the center's online publications. Staff from the dblp and publishing divisions also work in the rooms of the Saarbrücken office.


The dblp Team Office at the University of Trier

The scientific and editorial staff working on the dblp computer science bibliography is located at Schloss Dagstuhl's offices at the University of Trier. Here, the bibliography database is maintained and expanded in close cooperation with the university's computer science department.