Dagstuhl's Impact

Frequently a Dagstuhl Seminar or a Dagstuhl Event is so inspirational that the participants jointly release a publication afterwards.  These works are listed below and are presented on a special shelf in the library.

Please inform us about such publications that are a result from a Dagstuhl Seminar.


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Dagstuhl Seminar 19191, 05.05.19-10.05.19

Towards Efficient Analysis of Variation in Time and Space

Thüm, Thomas; Teixeira, Leopoldo; Schmid, Klaus; Mukelabai, Mukelabai; Varshosaz, Masha; Kehrer, Timo; Schaefer, Ina; Botterweck, Goetz; Walkingshaw, Eric. - New York : ACM, 2019. - 8 pp.

Dagstuhl Seminar 19172, 22.04.19-25.04.19

Generative Design in Minecraft : Chronicle Challenge

Salge, Christoph; Guckelsberger, Christian; Green, Michael Cerny; Canaan, Rodrigo; Togelius, Julian. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2019. - 5 pp.

Dagstuhl Event 19153, 10.04.19-12.04.19

Foundations of Digital Archæoludology

Browne, Cameron; Soemers, Dennis J. N. J.; Piette, Eric; Stephenson, Matthew; Conrad, Michael; Crist, Walter; Depaulis, Thierry; Duggan, Eddie; Horn, Fred; Kelk, Stephen; Lucas, Simon M.; Neto, Joao Pedro; Parlett, David; Saffidine, Abdallah; Schädler, Ulrich; Silva, Jorge Nuno; Voogt, Alex de; Winands, Mark H. M.. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2019. - 26 pp.

Dagstuhl Event 19023, 06.01.19-11.01.19

Towards a Characterization of Explainable Systems

Bohlender, Dimitri; Köhl, Maximilian A.. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2019. - 11 pp.

Dagstuhl Event 19023, 06.01.19-11.01.19

Explainable Software for Cyber-Physical Systems : ES4CPS : Report from the GI Dagstuhl Seminar 19023, January 06 - 11 2019, Schloss Dagstuhl

Greenyer, Joel; Lochau, Malte; Vogel, Thomas. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2019. - 73 pp.