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Schloss Dagstuhl

Find advice on how to travel to Dagstuhl: airports, trains, busses, taxis, and driving directions. 

What you need to know about staying at Schloss Dagstuhl, how to prepare for your stay, and how to check in.

Learn what Schloss Dagstuhl does to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 on site and what you should do to help protect yourself and others from infection.

Schloss Dagstuhl's informatics specialised research library

Search in our library catalogue, browse through the books written by this weeks seminars, or see the publications resulting from past events at Schloss Dagstuhl.

Schloss Dagstuhl's art collection and exhibitions

Browse through our art collection or see what art exhibitions there are and have been at Schloss Dagstuhl.

History of Schloss Dagstuhl manor

Learn about the history of the old manor house Schloss Dagstuhl is named after, and those who lived there.


Meeting in Dagstuhl is characterized by intense contact with the members of one's group, as the facilities and traditions are geared towards enabling communication at every opportunity. Due to the center's location in the remote countryside away from bigger cities or more notable tourist attractions, there are few potential distractions that could tempt one to leave the center for more than a little exercise in the lovely surrounding nature.

All participants stay at the center, which is able to accommodate up to 80 guests, and eat all their meals together there, the meals being freshly prepared by the center's own kitchen team. The center only features leisure activities which promote communication among the guests. For one thing this means there are no television sets to be found throughout the center, though the guests can take advantage of the center's music room, wine cellar and sauna. One afternoon during the week is traditionally used for a hike or an excursion in the surrounding countryside so that the participants can get to know one another better in an informal setting. The proven concept and the attention to detail contribute to the outstanding working atmosphere experienced by the participants, enabling them to feel at home and give full rein to exchanging ideas.

Of course, the center's offerings are in keeping with the standards set by other academic research institutes, e.g. wireless Internet access and an informatics research library. The facilities expected of meeting centers, e.g. projectors, sound systems, whiteboards, and other meeting supplies are also available in Schloss Dagstuhl. 

The public funding allows Schloss Dagstuhl to set event fees that are lower than if the fees would have to cover all of our costs – the low prices intended to enable promising young scientists and students as well as scientists from less affluent countries to participate. Schloss Dagstuhl is working to make as many of its facilities accessible as possible; there are two low-barrier guest rooms, and many public rooms, including all lecture halls, the library, and the restaurant, are wheelchair-accessible. Schloss Dagstuhl's team tries hard to make a comfortable stay possible for every guest.