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Last updates February 15, 2023

The prevention measures have been completely overhauled on February 15, 2023.

SARS-CoV-2 prevention measures

Schloss Dagstuhl wants all guests to feel as comfortable and safe as possible during their stay. In the following, we list our most important rules and some of the measures we have introduced for your protection. We ask for your understanding that changes in current legal regulations or changes in travel regulations may, under certain circumstances, result in modified measures and rules for our institute and our guests at short notice. In general, we ask all guests to decide responsibly about seminar participation or cancellation.


Please pay attention to the information, for your travel and stay, listed below!

Travel, stay, and departure

  • We recommend you to only come to Dagstuhl if you are fully immunized against SARS-CoV-2. Before your trip to Dagstuhl, you should, by all means, conduct a Covid-(self-)test, and only travel if the result is negative.
  • At the reception (or nearby in the foyer), you can find lateral flow Covid self-tests for use during your stay. In case of a positive test, you can stay at Dagstuhl at cost price if you want to quarantine in your room.
  • Please observe the valid entry regulations of Germany.
  • A medical mask is still recommended.
  • If you notice any symptoms [2] as can occur with Covid-19, please retire to your room and inform a member of Schloss Dagstuhl staff. Schloss Dagstuhl will then coordinate further action (a voluntary isolation quarantine due to a positive test on site can be spent in Schloss Dagstuhl at cost price).
  • Should you require a PCR test or an official test certificate for the return trip, you will find the appropriate addresses below. Our staff at the reception desk will be happy to help you – please contact us as early as possible if you need assistance.

Hygiene measures

  • Face masks can be bought at the reception at cost price.
  • Providing skin-friendly liquid soap, disposable towels and, if necessary, disposable gloves.
  • Contactless hand disinfectant dispensers in the main entrance and restaurant area.
  • Transparent hygiene protective screens have been installed in the reception area.
  • Handwashing instructions can be found in all relevant areas of the building.
  • During the coffee breaks, biscuits and other coffee and tea supplies are packed and served in accordance with the hygiene rules.

Test centers


Please note the regulations for entering Germany that are valid at the time of your trip. A summary of the regulations is provided by the German Foreign Office [1]. Schloss Dagstuhl cannot provide you with legally reliable information about these. Note (as of February 15, 2023):
  • If you come from an "area of variants of concern in which a variant of particular concern threatens to emerge" (As of February 15, 2023, this concerns only China) or have stayed there during the last 10 days before entry, you need a valid negative Antigen or PCR test (not older than 48h hours at entry).
  • If you come from an area with variants of concern (As of February 15, 2023, there are no areas with variants of concern) or have stayed there during the last 10 days before entry, you must register at before entering the country. Furthermore, you need a valid PCR test (not older than 48h hours at entry) and have to go into quarantine for 14 days. The quarantine does not apply if you are vaccinated against the variant with a vaccine approved for that variant by the RKI.