Dagstuhl's Impact

Frequently a Dagstuhl Seminar or a Dagstuhl Event is so inspirational that the participants jointly release a publication afterwards.  These works are listed below and are presented on a special shelf in the library.

Please inform us about such publications that are a result from a Dagstuhl Seminar.


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Dagstuhl Event 22243, 12.06.22-15.06.22

Proceedings of the 2022 Joint Workshop of the German Research Training Groups in Computer Science : June 12 - June 15, 2022

Freiling, Felix C.; Seidl, Helmut. - Bonn : DFG, 2022. - 172 pp. : Online only

Dagstuhl Seminar 22232, 06.06.22-10.06.22

Efficient Methods for Natural Language Processing : A Survey

Treviso, Marcos; Ji, Tianchu; Lee, Ji-Ung; Slonim, Noam; Milder, Peter; Martins, Andre F. T.; Martins, Pedro H.; Hooker, Sara; Heafield, Kenneth; Hassid, Michael; Ciosici, Manuel R.; Cao, Qingqing; Aken, Betty van; Raffel, Colin; Simpson, Edwin; Balasubramanian, Niranjan; Derczynski, Leon; Schwartz, Roy. - arXiv.org, 2022. - 24 pp.

Dagstuhl Seminar 22132, 27.03.22-30.03.22

OOD Link Prediction Generalization Capabilities of Message-Passing GNNs in Larger Test Graphs

Zhou, Yangze; Kutyniok, Gitta; Ribeiro, Bruno. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2022. - 55 pp.

Dagstuhl Seminar 22062, 06.02.22-11.02.22

On the Discrete Fréchet Distance in a Graph?

Driemel, Anne; Hoog, Ivor van der; Rotenberg, Eva. - Cornell University : arXiv.org, 2022. - 26 pp.