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Advanced Training 17403

Autumn School 2017 for Information Retrieval and Information Foraging

( Oct 01 – Oct 06, 2017 )

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Search systems are ubiquitous today and part of the daily user experience of many people. Ranking based on uncertain knowledge derived from text documents is integral part of many applications and research projects. The Autumn School on Information Retrieval and Information Foraging 2017 (ASIRF) is an intensive teaching event in this area for MA or PhD students. ASIRF provides overview lectures on advanced topics in Information Retrieval and Information Foraging. Participants profit from a unique learning experience in an international group and can meet other participants working in the area. Invited are MA students, PhD students and practitioners working in the area who want to broaden their knowledge and find out about recent developments. Also students of neighboring areas are welcome. The school is subsidized by the DAAD.

The lectures cover central aspects of Information Retrieval with a focus on concepts, methods and current research issues. In addition, ASIRF includes the broader perspective on information search and deals with information behavior and information foraging. These topics beyond classical IR research include Task Based Evaluation, Modelling Interactive IR and User Based Evaluation. This inclusion also broadens the scope of the methods covered. ASIRF stands in the tradition of the German "Herbstschule IR".

Enjoy the historical surroundings and meet the lecturers and other participants in a relaxed atmosphere. A social program will make ASIRF a memorable experience.

Copyright Ingo Frommholz, Norbert Fuhr, and Thomas Mandl

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