Schloss Dagstuhl offers a world-class|informatics research program

Schloss Dagstuhl, the Leibniz Center for Informatics, is recognized worldwide for organizing its scientific seminars. At Dagstuhl Seminars and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops, the most renowned researchers in computer science discuss and present their work. In addition, Schloss Dagstuhl organizes the GI-Dagstuhl Seminars in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Informatics Society). Schloss Dagstuhl also serves as a venue for summer schools, research meetings, and also as a retreat for research guests.


From the beginning of 1990 to 2020, Schloss Dagstuhl welcomed more than 50,000 participants in Dagstuhl Seminars and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops from the national and international scientific community, including more than 25 Turing Prize winners. Every year, some 3,500 national and international guests visit Dagstuhl to take part in approximately 100 seminars and other events.


In case of questions concerning planning and organisation of a Dagstuhl Seminar, please contact our Scientific Staff.


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