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Hybrid Meetings

Dagstuhl Seminars and Perspectives Workshops are on-site events. For organizers of other events outside both of these series, Schloss Dagstuhl offers facilities for hybrid meetings.


  • Equipment

    Room sound pickup systems with ceiling microphones, sound mixers for switching between the room sound pickup and the speakers headset, cameras for the room and for the speaker, extra projectors for external participants, and so on; as well as an installation of zoom.

    Thanks to a sponsoring by Gather logo, a gather is also available in 2022. A gather-map based on Schloss Dagstuhl can be made available by our IT upon request.

  • Room capacities

    Schloss Dagstuhl has equipped a lecture hall for up to 42 on-site participants with microphones and camera for events that have about 45 total participants. For events with about 30 total participants, a lecture hall for up to 28 on-site participants has been equipped similarly. (The number of persons per room is restricted due to our our infection prevention measures to facilitate the required minimum physical distance between people.)

    The videoconferencing software Dagstuhl offers supports forming breakout groups in various ways. To support hybrid breakout groups containing more than one of the on-site participants, Schloss Dagstuhl can—upon request—equip smaller rooms with a projector and a desktop microphone, which can then be connected to a laptop with an integrated camera. In any case it is advisable that on-site participants bring along a headset and a device with an integrated camera.

  • Video Conferencing Assistants

    The organizer team has to name two video conferencing assistants (VCAs) before the hybrid meeting, for operating the equipment on-site and remotely: They get access to a web-interface where - with just a few clicks - they can control what is shown in the zoom call and whether the speakers microphone or the room-microphones are used.

    It has turned out to be optimal if one of the two persons participates REMOTELY: If the remote VCA closely follows the talk or the discussion, the remote VCA will immediately notice if something is not visible or cannot be heard, and can immediately make the necessary adjustments. Thus, the remote VCA is best positioned to decide which camera feed and which microphone feed should be used by the zoom call at any one time and can easily switch the feeds, for example when a discussion follows after a talk. If necessary, the organizers can name an additional person to be invited specifically for this task, for example a member of their working groups.

    The other person should be ON-SITE in order to be able to step in, if, for example, something needs to be restarted or a hardware switch has to be turned on, and to make a speaker aware if their microphone is switched off and the like. It would be good if the on-site VCA would have an eye on the zoom chat to be able to make a concern raised there heard in the room. Again, you are welcome to nominate an additional scientist if necessary, but in our experience the on-site VCA is even less distracted from the seminar by his duties than the remote VCA.

    The video conferencing assistants will also act as liaison persons for Schloss Dagstuhl's IT department. After receiving a short introduction into the technology from our IT-department, no further qualifications are required to fulfil these tasks.

  • Remote participation

    Schloss Dagstuhl kindly asks invitees to use our DOOR registration system to tell us as early as possible whether they will attend on-site, will not participate at all, or want to attend remotely.

    We kindly ask you to only pass on access credentials or links to the video conferences to participants registered with Schloss Dagstuhl.

    In the event's documentation, remote participants will be listed separately from the on-site participants.

    For the time being, Schloss Dagstuhl will not charge the remote participants any event fees.

  • Notes on the preparation of a hybrid event

    The concrete form of the event is up to the organizers. We advise to let the invitees know in advance clearly what amount of involvement is expected from remote participants: is their attendance required throughout all sessions or is their participation only an integral part of the plan for some of the sessions; are they expected to actively participate throughout the whole event as they would if they could be on-site at Schloss Dagstuhl, or do you just require one talk from them and the rest of their involvement is up to themselves; or any other of the countless possible variants.

    Schloss Dagstuhl will make an additional mailing list available to the organizers, which will allow to get in touch with every invitee who has not declined the invitation (i.e., people who accepted the invitation and people who have not yet responded to the invitation).