13.12.15 - 18.12.15, Seminar 15512

Debating Technologies

Diese Seminarbeschreibung wurde vor dem Seminar auf unseren Webseiten veröffentlicht und bei der Einladung zum Seminar verwendet.


Why do people in all societies argue, discuss, and debate? Apparently, we do so not only to convince others of our own opinions, but because we want to explore the differences between our own understanding and the conceptualizations of others, and learn from them. Being one of the primary intellectual activities of the human mind, debating therefore naturally involves a wide range of conceptual capabilities and activities, ones that have only in part been studied from a computational perspective.

This Dagstuhl seminar is the first of its kind. We would like to set the grounds for a new interdisciplinary research community, interested in Debating Technologies, defined henceforth as computational technologies developed directly to enhance, support, and engage with human debating. We intend to bring together leading researchers from many relevant communities, to discuss the future of debating technologies in a holistic manner.

Thus, we expect to discuss issues related to debating-oriented information retrieval, argumentation mining, opinion mining, debating polarity analysis, persuasive content generation, computational emotion analysis, debating technologies applications, and more. The seminar is expected to outline an initial conceptual framework for debate support systems that should provide the groundwork for many years of fruitful research in a variety of individual topics as well as their assembly in various combinations.

Moreover, we expect to define and shape a set of corresponding problems to be addressed, and to highlight the associated challenges of exploiting big data, that may further come in the form of multiple modalities, including text, audio, image, and video. Correspondingly, we intend to define a roadmap for establishing a new interdisciplinary research community around debating technologies, for which the seminar will serve as the first prominent scientific event, with hopefully many future events to come.