February 16 – 21 , 2020, Dagstuhl Seminar 20081



Nicole Megow (Universität Bremen, DE)
David Shmoys (Cornell University – Ithaca, US)
Ola Svensson (EPFL – Lausanne, CH)

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Scheduling is a major research field that is studied from a practical and theoretical perspective in computer science, mathematical optimization, and operations research. Applications range from traditional production scheduling and project planning to the newly arising resource management tasks in the advent of internet technology and shared resources. Despite the remarkable progress on algorithmic theory for fundamental scheduling problems, new questions gain greater prominence due to the rise of new applications.

This Dagstuhl Seminar will focus on the interplay between scheduling problems and problems that arise in the management of transportation and traffic. There are several notable aspects of the scheduling problems that arise particularly in this context:

  1. the role of dynamic decision-making in which data-driven approaches emerge (especially those that have stochastic elements in modeling the multi-stage decision-making);
  2. the interplay between scheduling aspects and what might be viewed as routing aspects, providing a spacial component to the nature of the scheduling problem;
  3. the tension between questions of coordination and competition that arise from the fact that for many of the issues in this domain, there are significant questions that depend on the extent to which the traffic can be centrally coordinated.

Since the community working on the intersection of scheduling and traffic is itself rather broad, we methodologically focus on the theoretical design of algorithms, mathematical optimization methods, and the interplay between optimization and game-theoretic approaches.

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  Nicole Megow, David Shmoys, and Ola Svensson

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  • Scheduling
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