February 21 – 26 , 2016, Dagstuhl Seminar 16081



Nikhil Bansal (TU Eindhoven, NL)
Nicole Megow (TU München, DE)
Clifford Stein (Columbia University, US)

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This fourth meeting in a series of Dagstuhl "Scheduling" seminars had two major objectives. Firstly, it offered a forum for presenting recent scheduling results of high impact and new techniques which may be useful for solving important and long-standing open problems. The second major objective was to debate and explore future research directions, discuss important open problems, and foster new collaborations with a particular attention to interactions with application areas, both in academia and industry.

The organization of the meeting differed from the previous Dagstuhl "Scheduling" seminars by not inviting a different community to interact. Despite (or perhaps because of) the success of the cross-discipline events, there was an explicit desire to dedicate a seminar explicitly to recent advances and new research trends within the algorithmics/math programming scheduling community. This setting allowed for very high technical level talks and deep discussions on recent scheduling results, new techniques, and discussions on important open problems. The program included 15 invited main talks, 10 short spot-light talks, open problem sessions in the beginning of the week, and ample unstructured time for research and interaction. The overall atmosphere among the 45 participants was very interactive and oriented towards solving problems (also initiated by the few well-chosen application-driven talks) within new collaborations.

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  Nikhil Bansal, Nicole Megow, and Clifford Stein

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