Frankfurt Airport to Dagstuhl by Car

From Frankfurt airport take the following motorways:


direction Mainz, Köln (west)

after a few (3) kilometers at exit 49 »Mönchhof Dreieck« change to motorway


direction Mainz (south)

and again a few miles later at exit 3 »Rüsselsheimer Dreieck« change to motorway


direction Mainz (west)

Stay there 16 km until exit 21 »Kreuz Mainz-Süd« There you change to motorway


direction Kaiserslautern (south and SW). At exit 15 (end of this motorway) join the


in direction Saarbrücken, Paris (!!) (west).

At exit 12 »Kreuz Landstuhl« after about 20 km change to motorway


direction Trier (NW) which will merge into »our« motorway A1

On the A1

take exit 134 »Nonnweiler Bierfeld« and drive to Wadern. Follow brown signs to "Informatikzentrum SchlossDagstuhl" (left)


Details after leaving the motorway:

Follow the signpost to Wadern.

Near the little town of Wadern (to your right) you find a small street going up left and showing on a brown signpost »Informatikzentrum« Schloss Dagstuhl;

If you miss this street you come to a T-crossing where you drive left in direction Primstal. After a few 100 meters on a street crossing you see again a brown signpost at your left to »Informatikzentrum Schloss Dagstuhl« This sounds more complicated than it really is. Count 2 hours driving for ~200 kilometers. The highways are nearly empty on sundays, only around Frankfurt there may be some more traffic.


If you are using an automotive navigation system: Oktavie-Allee in 66687 Wadern or 49°31'49N,6°53'57E.