Arrival by Train

The route followed when traveling to Dagstuhl by train depends on where you start your trip upon arriving in Germany/Europe and whether you want to continue via taxi or bus:

Getting to Dagstuhl:



Destination Train Station

Continued Travel Via

The north (Frankfurt, Cologne)


St. Wendel

Bus or Taxi

The south (Metz, Paris)


St. Wendel

Bus or Taxi
Bus or Taxi
Train or Taxi

The west (Trier, Luxembourg)



Bus oder Taxi

Your trip to Dagstuhl from Mannheim, Munich and Basel may be routed via Mainz or Saarbrücken, depending on your train.

Train stations:

Train Station

Continued Travel Via

Distance from Dagstuhl

Travel Time to Dagstuhl

St. Wendel

Bus or taxi

26 km

40 min


Bus or taxi

28 km

34 min


Bus or taxi

20 km

28 min


Train to Lebach then bus or taxi
or taxi for whole trip

52 km

45 min

Popular connections by train:

Last leg using

From Frankfurt International Airport


Train to St. Wendel, bus to Dagstuhl,
then short walk


Train to St. Wendel,
then taxi

pre-ordered taxi

Train to Türkismühle,
then the taxi you pre-ordered (There is no taxi stand in Türkismühle and there is no direct bus connection, so pre-order a taxi in time!)

Practical Information

Train information


Bus lines and stops

  • St. Wendel: bus station ("Busbahnhof St. Wendel"): next to the train station (on the right hand side upon leaving the train station)
  • Merzig: bus station is front of the train station
  • Lebach: bus station in front of the train station
  • Türkismühle: no direct bus to Wadern
  • Dagstuhl and environs map including bus stops



Please note that German taxis usually have to be paid in cash. Drivers or phone operators might not understand or speak English.

  • From train station St. Wendel (taxi stand on the right hand side upon leaving the train station (next to the bus station)):
    • Texametervereinigung: Tel. Nr. +49-6851 2700
    • Taxi Hene: Tel. Nr. +49+6851 5365
    • Taxi St. Wendel: Tel. Nr. +49-6851 2717
    • Taxi Wagner: Tel. Nr. +49-6851 1788
    • Taxi Martin: Tel. Nr. +49-6871-2284***
    • Fahrservice Seibert: Tel. Nr. +49-6852 9020515°°°
  • From train Station Merzig:
    • Taxi Geyer: Tel. Nr. +49-6861 6666
    • Taxi Sode: Tel. Nr. +49-6861 993515
    • Taxi Schumacher: Tel. Nr. +49-6861 2191
    • Taxi Martin: Tel. Nr. +49-6871 2284***
  • From train station Türkismühle:
    • usually, there are no Taxis waiting outside the train station. Please pre-order a taxi before the start of your trip.
    • Taxi Martin: Tel. Nr. +49-6871 2284***
    • Fahrservice Seibert: Tel. Nr. +49-6852 9020515°°°
  • From train station Lebach:
    • Taxi Schmidt: Tel. Nr. +49-6881 2433
    • Taxi Martin: Tel. Nr. +49-6871-2284***
  • From Saarbrücken central railway station:
    • Taxi Saarbrücken e.G.: Tel.Nr. +49-681 33033 (taxi switchboard)
    • 1. Saarbrücker Taxigenossenschaft e. G.: Tel. Nr. +49-681 55000 (taxi switchboard)
    • Taxi Martin: Tel. Nr. +49-6871 2284***

***Taxi Martin (located in Wadern) has to be preordered (waiting time in St. Wendel about 45 minutes). Taxi Martin organizes and coordinates taxi reservations on the arrival day from a train station or airport. Please inform Taxi Martin on time if your flight or train is running late.

°°°Fahrservice Seibert: please make a reservation beforehand


Address of the Center:

  • 66687 Wadern, Germany, Oktavie Allee, phone:  +49-6871-9050, fax: +49-6871-905 133
  • Check-in normally takes place on Sundays, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., and on Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Please drop us an e-mail if you plan on arriving outside of these times.