Objectives and Tasks

The designated purpose of Schloss Dagstuhl is promoting informatics and informatics research at an international level by

  • World-class theoretical and applied research
  • Fostering the next generation of researchers by including them in the research dialogue
  • Continuing and advanced academic education; continuing professional development
  • Transfer of knowledge between the research and application side of informatics
  • Tapping into new fields of application


In order to achieve these objectives, the center offers a variety of different event types. The one thing they all have in common is dealing with an informatics topic in a well-equipped, communicative working environment.

The center's event offerings include the following:



The Dagstuhl Seminars and Perspectives Workshops form the focus of the center's work. These seminars are characterized by the fact that they are subject to an exacting quality assurance process. A small group of scientists of international standing submit a proposal for a seminar on a specific research topic. The proposal is reviewed by the center's Scientific Directorate with regard to its content, the proposed guest list and those submitting the proposal. Participation in a seminar is possible only by way of personal invitation by the center.

Whereas ca. 30 or 40 established and young researchers gather at the Dagstuhl Seminars to report on and discuss their current work, smaller groups of ca. 20 to 25 of the international elite of a field gather at the Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops for the purpose of reflecting on the current status of research and potential development perspectives.

Both events are afforded all-inclusive assistance and support by the Dagstuhl team during the preparation phase and during the seminars themselves.


Application can be made for other event types in a rather informal manner. The only condition they must satisfy is that they feature an informatics topic and may not directly serve commercial purposes.


For registration and other details on the individual event types, please refer to the respective event webpages in the program.



The center's offerings are in keeping with the standards set by other academic research institutes, e.g. wireless Internet access and an exceptionally well-stocked informatics research library.


All participants stay at the center, which is able to accommodate up to 80 guests, and eat all their meals there, the meals being prepared by the center's own kitchen team. The center assumes part of the associated costs in order to enable young, promising scientists and students to participate. This proven concept and the attention to detail contribute to the outstanding working atmosphere experienced by the participants, enabling them to feel at home and give full reign to exchanging ideas. The center only features leisure activities which promote communication among the guests. For one thing this means there are no television sets to be found throughout the center, though the guests can take advantage of the center's music room, wine cellar and sauna. One afternoon during the week is traditionally used for going on a hike or an excursion in the surrounding countryside so that the participants can get to know one another better in an informal setting. For those who like geocaching, there is also a real informatics geocache: "TM, UTM, or What?".

Dagstuhl Annual Reports

Annual Reports document the efforts of Schloss Dagstuhl from the past and provide an annual overview of Dagstuhl's scientific program.

The Center's Facilities

The center has three lecture halls, a number of conference rooms, a computer room, a comprehensive research library and more than 70 accommodation units — singles for the most part but also a couple of doubles and three studio apartments.

All lecture halls feature good conference equipment.