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Dagstuhl Seminar 25101

Guardians of the Galaxy: Protecting Space Systems from Cyber Threats

( Mar 02 – Mar 07, 2025 )

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The aim of this Dagstuhl Seminar is to tackle the pressing issue of cybersecurity within the space sector. This event wants to bring together the experts from academia and industry to tackle the open problems in securing our space infrastructure against a growing number of cyber-attacks.

The need for such a seminar has never been more critical. The expansion of commercial space operations and the increasing number of satellite networks have opened new fronts for cyber threats. These threats range from practical attacks on satellite communications, as seen with the Viasat incident during the conflict in Ukraine, to academic research on exploitation of vulnerabilities in satellite firmware or full satellite takeover.

Our seminar’s objective is straightforward: to foster the development of new theories, technologies, and systems that address the unique security challenges in space. We aim to spark collaborative research and establish key focus areas in space cybersecurity. By bringing together experts from diverse fields, we will explore research questions and innovative solutions to protect space vehicles, ground stations, and communication networks from cyber threats.

Key topics will include enhancing the resilience of space vehicles to withstand cyber attacks, securing ground segment operations critical for mission control, and safeguarding communication links against eavesdropping and interference. Additionally, we will delve into the design of secure space systems, the application of intrusion detection and prevention measures, and the implications of autonomy for security in space missions.

The seminar will not only highlight current challenges and vulnerabilities but also aim to outline a roadmap for future research and development in space cybersecurity. We hope to create a platform for ongoing collaboration between the participants, bridging the gap between academic research and practical, industry-led solutions.

By the end of the seminar, we expect to have laid the groundwork for enhanced protection of space systems, contributing to the security and reliability of critical infrastructure that depends on space-based technologies.

Copyright Ali Abbasi, Gregory J. Falco, Daniel Fischer, and Jill Slay

  • Cryptography and Security
  • Emerging Technologies

  • Space cyber security
  • cyber-physical systems