10.07.16 - 13.07.16, Seminar 16281

Network Latency Control in Data Centres

Diese Seminarbeschreibung wurde vor dem Seminar auf unseren Webseiten veröffentlicht und bei der Einladung zum Seminar verwendet.


Data centres are at the heart of the modern Internet. They host web services, social networking, cloud computing and are increasingly used by operators to host virtual network functions. All these services have one thing in common: they require extremely low latency communication in the data centre. Consequently we have seen the birth of a new field in networking research – data centre latency control.

Unlike the earlier generation of high-performance computing clusters, data centres have tended to use commodity off-the-shelf servers and switches, and run standard operating systems. However, traditional networking equipment and TCP-IP stacks were designed for wide-area networks, where the goal is to maximize throughput, and the control loop between end systems is measured in 10s of milliseconds. By contrast, data centres operate on timescales that are several orders of magnitude lower. And while throughput is important, the plentiful bandwidth of data centre networks makes throughput a secondary concern to latency.

This seminar will explore existing and future techniques for controlling data centre latency across the entire software and hardware stack, including in-network solutions, end-host solutions, and others. The aims of the seminar are to foster closer collaboration between academic researchers, industry, and operators.

Each participant is encouraged to present their thoughts or work on the subject in the form of short "lightning" talks. The majority of the seminar time will be used for discussions, breakout sessions and other ways that we hope will lead to new collaborative ideas and approaches in this space, or interesting refinements to existing ideas.

We are inviting people with a number of different backgrounds, from academia to open source and commercial developers, to data centre operators, application, transport, security and switching/routing exerts. We intend to document the results of the seminar in a joint publication, to which every participant is invited to contribute.

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