December 9 – 13 , 1996, Dagstuhl Seminar 9650

Synchronous Languages


W.P. de Roever, N. Halbwachs, A. Pnueli, K. Winkelmann

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The Synchronous Languages Seminar 1996 was the third of a seminar series started in Dagstuhl (Nov 94) and continued at the CIRM, Marseille-Luminy (Nov 95). It brought together 50 researchers, mainly from France and Germany, but also from the USA, Great Britain, Sweden, India, and Israel, originating from both academia and industry.

Presentations covered many topics related to the synchronous programming languages such as Signal, Lustre, Esterel, Argos and Statemate. They ranged from foundations to case studies, and include verification as well as synthesis efforts, amply illustrating both the already now highly successful application of the associated tools, and the residual problems in applying them which still await solution.

Combination of several languages and cross-compilation, as well as comparing different semantics was one major topic in the presentations. Especially several groups work on combining data-flow concepts with automata-based models. Also combining the synchronous approach with deductive methods appears a promising path.

For some of the attending young researchers this was their first acquaintance with the subject of synchronous languages and their application; their attendance was enabled by a TMR-ESPRIT grant, for which we express our gratitude.

This workshop furthered a loose style of explanation, collaboration and contact to such an extent that some of the experienced industrial researchers present declared this to be the most successful workshop they ever attended, where they learned most.

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