August 26 – 30 , 1991, Dagstuhl Seminar 9135

Scientific Visualization


H. Hagen, H. Müller, G.M. Nielson

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The first Dagstuhl Seminar on Scientific Visualization brought together researchers from Austria (1), France (2), Germany (17), USA (12), USSR (2), and The Netherlands (1).

The contributions reflected the heterogenous structure of the whole area of scientific visualization. Presentations were given e.g. in volume visualization, rendering techniques, correlative data analysis, and surface interrogation. The heterogeneity concerned the applications as well as the methods by which the problems were attacked. Areas of application were computer aided geometric design, earth and space sciences, fluid ow, mathematics, medical imaging, physics, and statistics. Methods were of algorithmic, software, hardware, but also physiological/ psychological flavor. Video and software presentations helped to make the ideas more clear, even in spite of the troubles with the technical equipment which partially did not survive its first longer operation.

Although there were some voices which had preferred the concentration on a special topic, the main opinion was that this wide spectrum was fruitful for own ideas and own future work. In contrast to usual conferences the atmosphere of Dagstuhl supported this exchange in particular manner. It was a pleasure to see the always well occupied audience and to follow the surprisingly extensive and intensive discussions after the talks.

The occasion of the Dagstuhl Seminar was taken to start the initiative for a book on Scientific visualization edited by the organizers and contributed by the participants of the seminar. The idea is not to produce a proceedings volume but an edited book containing tutorial-like sections as well as recent original work. One intention of the book is to use it as material in courses and seminars on Scientific Visualization.

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