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Dagstuhl Seminar 12121

Applications of Combinatorial Topology to Computer Science

( Mar 18 – Mar 23, 2012 )

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In recent years, concepts and techniques adapted from combinatorial and algebraic topology have led to a variety of promising new results in several areas of Computer Science, including distributed computing, sensor networks, semantics of concurrency, robotics, and vision.

The recent Dagstuhl seminar Applications of Combinatorial Topology to Computer Science (12121), brought together researchers in these fields, both to share ideas and experiences, and to establish the basis for a common research community. Because of differences in terminology and academic culture, it is often difficult for researchers in one area to become aware of work in other areas that may rely on similar mathematical techniques, sometimes resulting in duplication of effort. This Dagstuhl seminar provided a valuable opportunity to bring together researchers in both computer science and mathematics who share a common interest in emerging applications of combinatorial topology.

  • Henry Adams (Stanford University, US)
  • Sergio Cabello (University of Ljubljana, SI) [dblp]
  • Armando Castaneda (INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, FR) [dblp]
  • Bernadette Charron-Bost (Ecole Polytechnique - Palaiseau, FR) [dblp]
  • Frédéric Chazal (University of Paris South XI, FR) [dblp]
  • Frederick R. Cohen (University of Rochester, US)
  • Armindo Emanuel Costa (University of Warwick - Coventry, GB)
  • Carole Delporte (University Paris-Diderot, FR)
  • Jean-Marie Droz (Universität Bremen, DE)
  • Herbert Edelsbrunner (IST Austria - Klosterneuburg, AT) [dblp]
  • Ulrich Fahrenberg (INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique, FR) [dblp]
  • Lisbeth Fajstrup (Aalborg University, DK) [dblp]
  • Michael Farber (University of Warwick - Coventry, GB)
  • Hugues Fauconnier (University Paris-Diderot, FR)
  • Eva-Maria Feichtner (Universität Bremen, DE) [dblp]
  • Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov (Universität Bremen, DE) [dblp]
  • Pierre Fraigniaud (University of Paris VII, FR) [dblp]
  • Patrizio Frosini (University of Bologna, IT)
  • Eric Goubault (CEA - Gif sur Yvette, FR) [dblp]
  • Tobias Heindel (CEA - Gif sur Yvette, FR)
  • Maurice Herlihy (Brown University - Providence, US) [dblp]
  • Anil N. Hirani (University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, US)
  • Marc Jeanmougin (ENS - Paris, FR)
  • Mateusz Juda (Jagiellonian University - Krakow, PL)
  • Matthew Kahle (Ohio State University - Columbus, US)
  • Petr Kuznetsov (TU Berlin, DE) [dblp]
  • Claudia Landi (University of Modena, IT) [dblp]
  • Frank H. Lutz (TU Berlin, DE)
  • Facundo Memoli (Stanford University, US)
  • Roy Meshulam (Technion - Haifa, IL) [dblp]
  • Alessia Milani (University of Bordeaux, FR) [dblp]
  • Samuel Mimram (Commissariat a l´Energie Atomique - Gif-sur-Yvette, FR)
  • Dmitriy Morozov (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US) [dblp]
  • Thomas Nowak (TU Wien, AT) [dblp]
  • Ami Paz (Technion - Haifa, IL) [dblp]
  • Sergio Rajsbaum (Universidad Nacional Autonoma - Mexico, MX) [dblp]
  • Martin Raussen (Aalborg University, DK) [dblp]
  • Srivatsan Ravi (TU Berlin, DE)
  • Matthieu Roy (LAAS - Toulouse, FR) [dblp]
  • Primoz Skraba (Jozef Stefan Institute - Ljubljana, SI) [dblp]
  • Christine Tasson (University Paris-Diderot, FR)
  • Corentin Travers (University of Bordeaux, FR) [dblp]
  • Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson (University of St. Andrews, GB) [dblp]
  • Peter Widmayer (ETH Zürich, CH) [dblp]
  • Krzysztof Ziemianski (University of Warsaw, PL)

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