February 26 – March 1 , 1996, Dagstuhl Seminar 9609

Data Structures


S. Näher, H. Noltemeier, I. Munro

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Dagstuhl-Seminar-Report 136


The design and analysis of algorithms is one of the fundamental areas in computer science. This also involves the development of suitable methods for structuring the data to be manipulated by these algorithms. In this way, algorithms and data structures form a unit and the right choice of algorithms and data structures is a crucial step in the solution of many problems. For this reason, the design, analysis and implementation of data structures form a classical field of computer science both in research and teaching.

The development of the research in this area has been influenced by new application fields such as CAD, geographic information systems, molecular biology and genetics. Not only new methods and paradigms, such as randomization or competitive anlysis of algorithms, have been developed, but there is also some shift of interest away from theory, e.g., the classical analysis of asymptotic behavior of algorithms, to more practical issues, such as implementation problems and the usefulness of algorithms in practical applications. One can observe that more and more researches in computer science also want to make their results available to the computer science and programming community in form of programs or software packages. This trend is also reflected in important international conferences.

The workshop brought together researchers working on different areas of the field of efficient data structures and algorithms from all over the world. Many new interesting results and solutions for theoretical and practical problems were presented. The organizers want to thank all participants and especially the team of Schloß Dagstuhl for helping to make the workshop a success.

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