October 10 – 14 , 1994, Dagstuhl Seminar 9441

Algorithms and Number Theory


J. Buchmann, H. Niederreiter, A.M. Odlyzko, H.G. Zimmer

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Algorithms in number theory play an important role in computer science as well as in mathematics. The main purpose of this Dagstuhl seminar was to bring together experts in both fields to exchange ideas and discuss open problems concerning all aspects of the theory and practice of number theoretic algorithms. The topics treated comprised factoring integers and polynomials, computing discrete logarithms, constructions in finite fields, procedures in lattice theory, algorithms on number fields and computations with elliptic curves and other diophantine equations. An emphasis was laid on the computer scientific point of view.

The 47 participants of the seminar came from 12 countries. Aside from the official program of lectures there was ample opportunity for discussions of topics of joint interest concerning algorithms and number theory. The special atmosphere of Schloss Dagstuhl contributed a lot to a stimulating and productive workshop.

The organizers would like to thank all participants for their contributions to a successful seminar.

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