September 2 – 5 , 2012, Dagstuhl Seminar 12361

Information-centric networking -- Ready for the real world?


Ali Ghodsi (University of California – Berkeley, US)
Börje Ohlman (Ericsson Research – Stockholm, SE)
Jörg Ott (Aalto University, FI)
Ignacio Solis (Xerox PARC – Palo Alto, US)

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Information-centric networking (ICN) defines a communication paradigm that recognizes the dominant usage of the Internet as a substrate to disseminate and access content of all kinds: from traditional web pages to online social networks to file distribution to live and on-demand media feeds. With ICN, the focus shifts from the location at which a content object is stored (typically some server) to the object itself so that scale, efficiency, and robustness of content publication and retrieval can be improved beyond what current Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) can deliver.

Diverse instances of ICN networking architectures were developed, including CCN/NDN, NetInf, DONA, and LIPSIN, among others, and see experimentation at different scale in both academia and industry. The fundamental concepts of ICN have gained popularity in the research community and have been taken up by several research activities that are addressing the topic from different angles.

Numerous research problems remain open, some of which (such as naming content) may find different (optimal) solutions in different deployments while others are more fundamental in nature and could affect the performance of all deployments. The latter include the performance benefits achievable through (cooperative) caching and caching at different points in the network, parallel content retrieval from multiple sources, and tradeoffs between native network layer and overlay-based ICNs. This second Dagstuhl Seminar on information-centric networking is intended to operate as a catalyst for these activities and provide a forum for discussing a selected subset of important research topics that have been identified so far. It will bring together researchers from different ICN backgrounds to discuss fundamentals that matter across the various platforms with the meta goal of identifying obstacles to be overcome, solutions, and paths towards real-world deployments.

In this seminar, we discussed the following core topics: (1) ICN applications and services, (2) ICN performance and comparison of alternative technologies, (3) business, legal, and deployment aspects.

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  • Information-centric
  • Network architecture
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  • Internet business models


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