03.10.16 - 07.10.16, Seminar 16402

Programming Language Techniques for Incremental and Reactive Computing

The following text appeared on our web pages prior to the seminar, and was included as part of the invitation.


This Dagstuhl Seminar will cultivate a self-aware community of programming language (PL) researchers focusing on incremental and reactive computing behavior. Incremental computations are those that process input changes faster than naive computation that runs from scratch, and reactive computations consist of interactive behavior that varies over time. Due to the importance and prevalence of incremental, reactive systems, ad hoc variants of incremental and reactive computation are ubiquitous in modern software systems.

In response to this reality, the PL research community has worked for several decades to advance new languages for systems that interface with a dynamically-changing environment. In this space, researchers propose new general-purpose languages and algorithms to express and implement efficient, dynamic behavior, in the form of incremental and reactive language systems.

While these research lines continue to develop successfully, this work lacks a shared community that synthesizes a collective discussion about common motivations, alternative techniques, current results and future challenges. To overcome this lack of community, this seminar will work towards building one, by strengthening existing research connections and by forging new ones. Developing a shared culture is critical to the future advancement of incremental and reactive computing in modern PL research, and in turn, this PL research is critical to developing the efficient, understandable interactive systems of the future.