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During their stay in Dagstuhl researchers can access the excellent equipped research library around the clock. The library provides current computer science research literature on several levels. The entire holdings can be searched in the online catalogue. One major focus of the library's collection are the electronic editions of scientific journals and conference proceedings.


Please find a collection of all books by current week's Dagstuhl Seminar participants here.


All Archive books are temporarily outsourced because we are building a new mobile shelving system with a larger capacity.
Please contact me (petra.meyer@dagstuhl.de, Tel. intern 127, room S004 in the castle) if you need publications from the archive floor.


Another exhibition presents all publications resulting from Dagstuhl Seminars.


You are also invited to make book suggestions for the library.


Workstations enable free access to all of the library's offerings. Laptop users can access the library's offerings via the center's W-LAN. The library's facilities and equipment include numerous study tables, a study lounge,  printers and a copy machine.


External visitors please contact us by phone to arrange a date and time to visit the library. Being a reference library, no works can be lent to individuals off site.


We would like to thank our many sponsors.