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Dagstuhl Seminar 03441

Cognitive Vision Systems

( Oct 26 – Oct 31, 2003 )

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Early attempts to integrate AI and Computer Vision failed due to lack of robust vision techniques for the derivation of symbolic descriptions of the `meaning' of images, and the lack of AI techniques to handle information with associated uncertainty. Over the last decade, significant progress has been achieved in Computational Vision, AI, and computer platforms.

Regarding Computational Vision, the basis in terms of generating a representation of the system environment through use of robust methods is not yet particularly strong. At the same time, the AI community has established new paradigms for handling uncertain information and scalable models. In parallel to these developments, the progress in the design and production of highly integrated circuits and computer programming systems has resulted in a system performance that facilitates real-time generation and processing of information even from video input streams.

The seminar discussed models for Cognitive Vision Systems (CVS) in terms of system layout and components. In addition, both Computer Vision and AI techniques as components of systems were presented. This seminar also involved discussions on the conceptual basis for Cognitive Vision and the feasibility of constructing computational systems that have `cognitive' functionality.

The presentations at the meeting will be summarised in a book to be published by Springer-Verlag together with reports from the round-table discussions. The outcome is expected to be a key component of a roadmap towards definition of a long-term research strategy for cognitive vision systems.

  • Christian Bauckhage (Fraunhofer IAIS - St. Augustin, DE) [dblp]
  • Hilary Buxton (University of Sussex - Brighton, GB)
  • Henrik Iskov Christensen (Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, US)
  • Anthony Cohn (University of Leeds, GB) [dblp]
  • James L. Crowley (INRIA - Grenoble, FR)
  • Sven Dickinson (University of Toronto, CA)
  • Gösta Granlund (Linköping University, SE)
  • Erik Granum (Aalborg University, DK)
  • Daniela Hall (INRIA - Grenoble, FR)
  • Vaclav Hlavac (Czech Technical University, CZ) [dblp]
  • Josef Kittler (University of Surrey, GB) [dblp]
  • Christian Köhler (Universität Siegen, DE) [dblp]
  • Walter Kropatsch (TU Wien, AT)
  • Volker Krüger (Copenhagen Inst. of Technology Aalborg University, DK)
  • Bastian Leibe (RWTH Aachen, DE) [dblp]
  • Ales Leonardis (University of Ljubljana, SI) [dblp]
  • Jim Little (University of British Columbia - Vancouver, CA) [dblp]
  • Roger Mohr (INRIA - Grenoble, FR)
  • Hans-Hellmut Nagel (KIT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, DE)
  • Bernhard Nebel (Universität Freiburg, DE) [dblp]
  • Bernd Neumann (Universität Hamburg, DE) [dblp]
  • Heinrich Niemann (Universität Erlangen - Nürnberg, DE)
  • Artur Ottlik (KIT - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, DE)
  • Bernt Schiele (MPI für Informatik - Saarbrücken, DE) [dblp]
  • Monique Thonnat (INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, FR)
  • John K. Tsotsos (York University - Toronto, CA) [dblp]
  • Sven Utcke (Universität Hamburg, DE)
  • David Vernon (Etisalat University - Sharjah, SA) [dblp]
  • Markus Vincze (TU Wien, AT) [dblp]

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  • computer vision
  • cognitive vision
  • embedded computer vision systems
  • machine learning and vision
  • conceptual representations
  • spatiotemporal logic and computer vision
  • autonomous vision-guided robots