DROPS in a nutshell...


Dagstuhl has been operating DROPS  - the Dagstuhl Research Online Publication Server - since 2004.
As an online publication server, it intrinsically enables very timely publication of and access to recent research results. DROPS complies with all formalities required by a publication server like

  • administrating library meta data,
  • ensuring long term availability of the documents (assignment of  persistent identifiers, archiving will be done by the German National Library).

Furthermore, DROPS offers some additional services like

  • very timely dissemination of recent research results,
  • enhancing findability of the documents by indexing e.g. at DBLP, and
  • connection to library networks.

The series published via DROPS are


Dagstuhl also dissseminates its own publications via DROPS, i.e.,

Information for Editors / Authors


A new, high-quality series of international peer-reviewed conference proceedings in informatics is LIPIcs. If you are interested in publishing your proceedings in  LIPIcs, please send an application.
Our first series published via DROPS has been Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings. Each volume emerges from a Dagstuhl seminar and the organizers and participants are the editors and authors.


For organizers of other, external informatics conferences, the External Workshop Series is a beneficial platform for publishing the peer reviewed conference proceedings. 

Also online journals, books or monographs could be published timely and professionally via DROPS.


Most publications via DROPS are free of charge, so far.

However, for publication in LIPIcs and in the External Workshop Series a cost-covering fee is charged on a volume basis.


Contact for Publication


If you are interested in publishing computer science research results via DROPS, please contact Marc Herbstritt.


Information for the Reader



There are two possible entry points to access documents on DROPS:

  • DROPS: Directly browsing and searching the database.
  • Portal: This is an exemplary portal for one volume of Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings. Similar portals exist for each proceedings- or conference-volume.


Access to all documents on DROPS is free of charge.


Some Details about DROPS




Dagstuhl does not only all the necessary administrative work for the author...

  • Collection of all necessary and some additional bibliographic meta data (according to Dublin Core)
    • Authors, title, abstract, keywords,...
  • Assignment of persistent identifier (for long term access to the document)
  • Long-term availability of the documents will be guaranteed by the German National Library which collects all publications, archives them and provides future acces, e.g. by conversion to future formats or virtual machines that simulate present environments in the future.

      => Citability of the document is guaranteed.


      Dagstuhl also accomplishes some additional services like

      • Indexing  at DBLP, the computer science bibliography of Michael Ley, University of Trier,

      => Findability of the documents is enhanced.


      Server / Software


      DROPS is based on the OPUS software used for the documents- and publication server of the Online Publikationsverbund der Region Stuttgart. OPUS is the result of a research project funded by the German Research Net (Deutsches Forschungsnetz) and the Federal Department of Higher Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung).

      Publishing with OPUS means: converting the electronic document to PDF (portable document format) and writing some meta data about it, which will be stored in Dublin Core format using a mSQL-database. Retrieval will therefore have the typical functionality of other well known online databases - different search fields, truncation options, Boolean operators etc. The Library of Congress (LoC), the  Online Cataloging Library Center (OCLC) and a number of other national libraries like Die Deutsche Bibliothek (the german national library)  are engaged in Dublin Core during several projects. Dublin Core makes it possible to participate in ongoing developments concerning web based search engines and robots.

      [from elib.uni-stuttgart.de/opus/doku/english/about_english.php, April 19, 2004;

      and elib.uni-stuttgart.de/opus/doku/about.php April 19, 2004]


      Format of the Documents

      The only file format accepted for publication is currently PDF. This is to ensure long term availability of the document and conversion to future formats as well as conformance to collections of online publications by e.g. the  german national library.

      Scientific Support

      If you have any questions regarding general and scientific issues, please contact Dr. Marc Herbstritt



      Administrative Support

      If you have any questions regarding administrative issues, please contact:

      Jutka Gasiorowski


      Technical Support

      If you have any questions regarding technical issues, please contact:

      Thomas Schillo