LITES: Submission of an article


The submission is done via


LaTeX Style File

Please use the LITES LaTeX-Style: lites-authors.tgz.


Submission Procedure

Authors shall submit original work that has not been submitted elsewhere just prior or during the submission and review process of LITES is going on. A submitted article shall normally be no more than 25 pages. Longer papers shall be considered only if there is a strong justification for doing so. In general, the longer the paper the higher the threshold of acceptability. To enable the replication of experiments and help other researchers to build on the published results, authors are encouraged to submit software and data along with the article submission. More details on the submission process and style guidelines will be available very soon.

LITES web portal

LITES web portal: Submission details and access to all publications.

LaTeX Style-Template

For authors: lites-authors.tgz


In case of questions, please contact:

Dr. Michael Wagner

Phone: + 49 (0)6871 / 905-200

E-Mail: michael.wagner(at)