LIPIcs: Editorial Policy and Application

Editorial Policy

The LIPIcs series will publish only high-quality conference proceedings, and the selection of these conferences is entrusted to the Editorial Board. The LIPIcs series is meant for recurring conferences, but isolated conferences of exceptional value may also be considered. In making its selection decisions, the Board will pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • the international character of the conference (program committee, speakers, etc);
  • the attractiveness and selectivity of the conference (number of submissions, acceptance rate);
  • the importance of the conference in its domain;
  • whether the conference will justify indexation by all major relevant agencies (e.g., Clarivate CPCI, Elsevier Scopus, dblp).

In addition, the Editorial Board will examine

  • whether the steering committee of the conference is representative of a community or a professional association, and has an international composition;
  • the rules for the election of the members of the steering committee and the duration of their appointment.

The Editorial Board may also, at its discretion, make use of existing conference classifications (e.g. CORE, QUALIS, GII-GRIN-SCIE (GGS), etc.), of documents describing good practices (e.g. those from ACM SIGPLAN) and of any other relevant source of information.

Application Procedure for Conference Organizers

If the steering committee of a conference series is interested in publishing their proceedings as LIPIcs, please apply to LIPIcs Editorial Office at Dagstuhl.


An application is assumed to cover a 5-year period and should provide information related to the above mentioned criteria of the LIPIcs Editorial Policy. In particular, an application must give sufficient background on the conference, including:

  • information on the steering committee (members of the current steering committee, rotation policy, etc.),
  • the program committee,
  • list of related conferences and a description of how the event submitting the application differentiates from them,
  • the (expected) number of submissions and of accepted papers,
  • the peer-review process,
  • the expected attendance,
  • etc.

If the conference is part of a series, then the application should include those same elements of information on at least the three preceding editions of the conference, as well as links to the relevant websites and access to the proceedings of these past conferences.


The information concerning the application is passed on to the Editorial Board chair who consults the Editorial Board members and/or external experts, especially if the scope of the conference is not in the broad fields already represented in the series Editorial Board.


A positive decision for recurrent conferences is valid for (typically) five years. Afterwards a new application has to be made. A (re-) application ideally contains the original application and a description of any changes with respect to the stated criteria, scope, nature of the proceedings, or organisation of the conference.

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