Dagstuhl Reports: Info for Organizers

The funding scheme of Dagstuhl Seminar and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops requires quality assurance and documentation. We rely on your input and support for assuring our obligations. Hence, we appreciate your efforts for preparing a comprehensive report of your seminar that fulfills not only the task of documentation, but may also serve as a reference in the future or for researchers who couldn't attend the seminar.


The content of the report should include:

  • an executive summary of the seminar program and the fundamental results,
  • an overview of the talks given during the seminar (summarized as talk abstracts), and
  • summaries from working groups (if applicable).

    This basic framework can be extended by suitable contributions that are related to the program of the seminar, e.g. summaries from panel discussions or open problem sessions.


    The organizers are asked to designate a collector, typically a junior researcher, who coordinates the preparation of the report in close cooperation with the organizers and the editorial office at Schloss Dagstuhl. The collector should have basic knowledge of LaTeX due to being in charge of typesetting issues.


    The collector collects the abstracts of the talks given during the seminar (by sending out an appropriate Call-for-Abstracts) as well the results from working groups. Finally, the executive summary, written by the seminar organizers, and additional summaries (from panel discussions or open problem sessions) must be integrated into the report.


    Publication mode

    Each seminar report is published in an issue of the periodical Dagstuhl Reports. One issue contains the reports from the seminars held during one month of Schloss Dagstuhl. Each issue has a consecutive page numbering. Each report is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

    Publication License

    The periodical Dagstuhl Reports is published as an open access journal, i.e., the content is accessible online and free of charge. As publication license, the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License is used. Hereby, the authors retain their copyright.


    The collector is in charge of typesetting the report. However, the editorial office at Schloss Dagstuhl will finalize the typesetting, e.g., by setting the correct page numbers and by adding the DOI. Before official publication, the final report is sent to the organizers for approval.

    Editorship / Authorship

    The organizers of the Dagstuhl Seminar or Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop are going to act as editors of the seminar report. The authorship of the talk abstracts is mentioned adequately within the report.


    The periodical Dagstuhl Reports will be indexed by DBLP. The seminar organizers who act es editors will be named.



    Download a 2-page overview leaflet (PDF).