Dagstuhl Reports: Info for Collector

The collector acts as editorial coordinator supporting the seminar organizers in preparing the report for the Dagstuhl Seminar or Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop in close cooperation with the editorial office at Schloss Dagstuhl.


During the seminar the collector should observe the seminar program, especially with respect to given talks and working groups. Furthermore, records should be kept on open problem sessions or panel discussions.


After the seminar the collector is in charge of sending out a Call for Abstracts to the seminar participants. Technical interfaces are provided by Schloss Dagstuhl and corresponding URLs are communicated in due time to the collector. Via the technical webinterface, participants are able to upload the abstract of their talk along with comprehensive metadata. The collector can make use of our semi-automated scripts that provide a single LaTeX-file capturing all submitted abstracts. 


The seminar report is typeset using LaTeX, hence the collector should have basic knowledge with LaTeX. The collector has to prepare the LaTeX document containing the executive summary (written by the seminar organizers), the abstracts submitted by the seminar participants, and--if applicable--reports from working groups, panel discussions, or open problem sessions.


If contentwise the report is final (which should be approved by the seminar organizers), the collector sends the LaTeX sources to the editorial office at Schloss Dagstuhl (reports(at)dagstuhl.de).


The report is the finalized by Dagstuhl's editorial office (adaption of page numbers and further bibliographic issues, minor corrections, ...). Before official publication, the report is sent to the seminar organizers and the collector for approval.


The collector receives a fair compensation for his efforts after the report is published. Details are available on request.


Download a 2-page overview leaflet (PDF).