Dagstuhl Reports: Info for Authors

As part of our quality assurance towards our funding partners, Schloss Dagstuhl likes to keep records of all Dagstuhl Seminars and Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops. Furthermore, such a documentation provides a reference for the seminar participants as well as for researchers who were unable to attend.


We hereby ask you to prepare a documentation entry with regard to your talk (in case you have given one during the seminar). Additionally, results from working groups should also be documented. For given talks, the documentation mainly consists of a brief abstract  along with a list of co-authors and a bibliograpic reference (if available).


Your documentation entry will be published as part of the seminar's issue in the periodical series Dagstuhl Reports .

General procedure

Each seminar designates a collector who is in charge of supporting the seminar organizers to prepare the report for the seminar.


Maybe already during, but at latest shortly after the seminar, the collector will send a Call-for-Abstracts to the seminar participants asking them to submit an abstract of their talk. If the seminar has organized working groups, some participants may also be in charge of submitting a report with regard to the disucssions and results of the working group. 


The collector will announce a deadline in the Call-for-Abstracts by which your abstract should be submitted. This deadline is strict and there will be no extensions.


Typically, the deadline is about two months after the seminar.

Upload of your documentation entry

To submit your documentation entry, please visit

drs.dagstuhl.de /<sem-nr>  

whereby <sem-nr> is the five-digit number of your seminar, e.g. 10501. To access the Dagstuhl Reports submission interface, you need the door key which was communicated with the travel informations as well as with the collector's call-for-abstracts.


The submission works as follows:

  1. Select "Add abstract" (or click the edit button for an already existing entry).
  2. Fill out the form by providing title, authors, abstract, and - if applicable - a bibliographic reference together with its digital location.
  3. IMPORTANT: To approve your entry for publication, please select "Complete abstract" in the "Completed" section of the abstract editor. No more changes can be made after saving a completed entry. You may modify or amend your entry as long as it is not marked as completed.
  4. Select "Save abstract" to save your data (or select "Cancel" if you wish to abort the submission).
  5. Select either "save all" or "cancel" brings you back to the list of your documentation entries.

Please note that you have to complete your submission before the deadline announced by the collector.


By submitting your documentation entry timely, you support the seminar organizers to comply with the funding guidelines of Schloss Dagstuhl. This is highly appreciated.


In case of questions, please contact the seminar's collector or the editorial office at Schloss Dagstuhl.


Download a 2-page overview leaflet (PDF).