May 6 – 11 , 2007, Dagstuhl Seminar 07191

Event Processing


K. Mani Chandy (CalTech – Pasadena, US)
Opher Etzion (IBM – Haifa, IL)
Rainer von Ammon (CITT GmbH – Regensburg, DE)

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During the week of May 6-11, the event processing Dagstuhl seminar took place; In this seminar there were 43 participants from the following countries: Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Korea, New-Zeeland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA. The seminar had unusual proportion of industrial participants and included participants from: CITT, Cordys, Gartner, IBM, IDS Scheer, Microsoft, SoftwareAG, Oracle, RuleCore, and WestGlobal.

The seminar also consisted of people with several core disciplines such as: distributing computing, databases, software engineering, business process management, sensor networks, simulation and verification.

One of the participants commented that it seems that both academic and industrial people are interested in languages and implementation issues of complex event processing (either by rules or queries), in addition the academic people only were interested in the fundamental middleware issues (maybe since the industry people view it as engineering topics and not as research topic), while the industry people were interested on locating event processing in the buzzword-oriented universe (SOA, BI, BAM), a discussion that lacks research content, in the view of the academic people. Everybody though that the participants of the industry people had major contribution to this seminar. At the concluding session, the industry people compiled a list of research topics that the industry wishes to see, and the research people produced their wish list from the industry.

The seminar held deliberations (with some evening sessions in the wine cellar) on: what is event processing – use cases and classifications, is it a paradigm shift? Positioning EP relative to industry buzzwords (SOA, BAM, BI…), Semantics issues, modeling issues, and implementation issues.

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  • Event Processing (main Classification)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Databases
  • Programming Languages
  • Semantics/specification/formal Methods
  • Software Engineering.


  • Event Processing
  • Real-time Information Systems
  • Reactive systems
  • Proactive systems
  • Active Technologies.


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