Research Guests

Schloss Dagstuhl is also an excellent place to retreat for undisturbed research. For this reason, we are particularly pleased to offer individuals or small groups the opportunity to spend several days or weeks on a research stay.

In general, this would be a stay of 1 to 3 persons for up to 5 days, between Sunday afternoon and Friday. On request, longer stays or different days for arrival and departure are possible, for example following other events. (On weekends Dagstuhl does not provide catering).


Schloss Dagstuhl subsidizes the stay, which is why the full-board accommodation in a single room is 70 euros per person/night. (For a single-day stay, the price increases to 90 euros). These prices are valid until Dec. 31, 2022.


It is required to submit an application, with:

  • (brief) scientific CV of each participant,
  • Title of the research stay (max. 80 characters),
  • desired duration,
  • a short description of the scientific project to be worked on at Schloss Dagstuhl, including 2-3 sentences to be published on the webpage of the research stay and the consent of the authors to this publication under the CC-BY license "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0". Since only projects in the field of computer science can be accepted, the computer science reference should be made clear.

The Scientific Director decides on the approval of the application. We will do our best to meet your scheduling requirements. Please send the application or further questions to: service(at)



Contact Person

Susanne Bach Bernhard

• Tel. +49 681 302-4459

Christina Schwarz

• Tel. +49 681 302-4398

E-Mail: service(at)

More Information



about 1–3



varying (typically 5 days)


Costs per person/day

70 Euro (90 Euro for single day)

(valid until Dec. 31, 2022)






by arrangement, also on short notice



Scientific Director