21.08.16 - 26.08.16, Seminar 16341

Integrating Process-Oriented and Event-Based Systems

Diese Seminarbeschreibung wurde vor dem Seminar auf unseren Webseiten veröffentlicht und bei der Einladung zum Seminar verwendet.


Process-oriented information systems have recently seen a significant uptake in domains such as transportation, logistics, health-care and medical infrastructures. These domains impose new challenges in terms of reactivity and adaptability, but also come with new opportunities for addressing these challenges based on process-related event data. Event-based systems, in turn, have found their way into applications where event generation is comparatively deterministic and follows structured behavior, which calls for techniques that exploit a process-perspective.

The increasing overlap of application scenarios that involve concepts and techniques of process-oriented as well as event-based systems, however, is only marginally supported by exchanges and convergence of the involved disciplines. Strong research communities have been established for research on either type of approach, represented by widely recognized conferences, such as, the International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM) and the ACM International Conference on Distributed, Event-based Systems (DEBS). Yet, due to the missing link between these communities, manifold opportunities for ground-breaking research and broad impact in industry have been missed. Research efforts related to the underlying theory as well as specific platforms are duplicated and similar approaches are developed in isolation. Therefore, the proposed seminar sets out to bring together the two communities to foster collaboration and joint research initiatives.

The seminar is dedicated to probing the diverse connections between process-oriented information systems and event-based systems. Discussion topics include but are not limited to: Informing event processing through process knowledge, exposing events from processes and creating visibility into processing by means of events, guiding the execution of processes by events, etc. As a specific outcome, a categorization of the research challenges on the intersection of process-oriented and event-based systems will be devised along with a research agenda to exploit the large potential for cross-fertilization. As such, the seminar aims to serve as an incubator for sustained collaborations leading to joint scientific efforts and initiatives to attract research funding.