10.04.16 - 15.04.16, Seminar 16151

Foundations of Data Management

Diese Seminarbeschreibung wurde vor dem Seminar auf unseren Webseiten veröffentlicht und bei der Einladung zum Seminar verwendet.


The focus of Foundations of Data Management (traditionally termed Database Theory) is to provide the many facets of data management with solid and robust mathematical foundations. The field has a long and successful history and has already grown far beyond its traditional scope since the advent of the Web.

The recent push towards Big Data, including structured, unstructured and multi-media data, is transforming and expanding the field at an unusually rapid pace. However, for understanding numerous aspects of Big Data, a robust research exploration into the principled foundations is still lacking. This transformation will call upon the Database Theory community to substantially expand its body of tools, techniques, and focal questions and to much more fully embrace several other disciplines, most notably statistics and probability theory, natural language processing, data analytics, emerging hardware and software supports for computation, and data privacy and security.

Big Data is not the only force that is driving expansion and tranformation for the Foundations of Data Management. With the increasing digitization of diverse industries, including "smarter cities", education, healthcare, agriculture and others, many diverse kinds of data usage at large scales are becoming crucial. The push towards data-centric business processes, which are especially important for knowledge-worker driven processes, raise fundamentally new questions at the intersection of data and process. And increasing adoption of semantic web and other ontology-based approaches for managing and using meta-data push the boundaries of traditional Description Logics.

The purpose of the Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop is to explore the degree to which principled foundations are crucial to the long-term success and effectiveness of the new generation of data management paradigms and applications, and to understand what forms of research need to be pursued to develop and advance these foundations.

The workshop intends to bring together specialists from the existing database theory community, and from adjoining areas, particularly from various subdisciplines within the Big Data community, to understand the challenge areas that might be resolved through principled foundations and mathematical theory.

More specifically, the goals of the workshop are:

  • To identify areas, topics and research challenges for Foundations of Data Management in the forthcoming years, in particular, areas that have not been considered as Database Theory before but will be relevant in the future and of which we expect to have papers at PODS and ICDT, the main conferences in the field.
  • To outline the techniques that will be most fruitful as starting points for addressing the new foundational challenges in Data Mangement.
  • To identify and characterize the major challenge areas in Big Data where a principled, mathematically-based approach can provide important contributions.
  • To understand research goals of neighbouring areas that may generate synergies.