04.01.15 - 07.01.15, Seminar 15022

Quality of Experience: From Assessment to Application

Diese Seminarbeschreibung wurde vor dem Seminar auf unseren Webseiten veröffentlicht und bei der Einladung zum Seminar verwendet.


Within the past few years, Quality of Experience (QoE) has gone through an explosive growth and established itself as an independent, multidisciplinary field of research, both in the academic and industrial communities. Significant advances have been made with respect to the conceptual understanding of QoE as well as in terms of methodology and instrumentation. The proposed seminar will complement the previous Dagstuhl seminars 09192 "From Quality of Service to Quality of Experience" and 12181 "QoE: From User Perception to Instrumental Metrics", by building on the conceptual and practical expertise currently available and focusing on the application of QoE. While the conceptual grounds and methodological implications of QoE are a very interesting topic as such, including already an economical and business-oriented perspective, they represent rather milestones on the road to reach another ultimate goal: translating the theoretical and empirical understanding of QoE, its assessment and measures, into some form of economic and/or societal 'value'. This value can be rather explicit and concrete (e.g., increased revenue, or reduction of number of customer complaints), but it can also be intangible and more latent (e.g., customer loyalty, strengthened relation between a customer and a provider, enabling user empowerment, contributing to wellbeing, and at the same time addressing societal challenges).

In order to take this logical but challenging step from assessment to application, the proposed seminar will bring together academics from a range of disciplines (information and communication technology, user experience, economics, social sciences, customer relation management, etc.) with relevant expertise and practitioners in need of such expertise, along with researchers from related fields such as network and service management, cognitive networks and network economics. The discussions and work during the seminar will be oriented towards the following goals:

  • increasing the understanding of annoyance and delight factors of QoE, including the underlying (technical) root causes and drivers;
  • investigating the use of QoE in the definition of Service Levels Objectives and Agreements;
  • exploring how the current QoE-horizon can be (also) oriented towards higher-level goals situated at the user/societal level (beyond/next to purely economic rationales);
  • identifying new application domains which will benefit from QoE methods and tools;
  • underlining the industrial relevance by using QoE knowhow in order to improve, optimize and monitor corresponding services and applications;
  • defining a roadmap for industrial value creation based on QoE know-how.

Summarizing, the seminar is expected to create more awareness about user and societal aspects in relation to QoE and more specifically, to yield a better understanding of how QoE research could/should be oriented towards goals beyond or next to economic goals. Moreover, it will contribute to the establishment of new linkages between fields and stakeholders that are currently still too isolated from each other, and thus further promote the establishment of a truly interdisciplinary research community in this highly relevant and exciting research field.