November 16 – 20 , 1998, Dagstuhl Seminar 98461

CAD-Tools and Methods for Systems Development


P. Brunet (Barcelona), C. Hoffmann (Purdue Univ.), D. Roller (Stuttgart)

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Continuously shrinking innovation cycles for technical products enforce highly sophisticated computer-based development tools. These tools need to go far beyond conventional CAD systems. Significant progress steps in research and development of CAD tools for the design of new products therefore are playing a key role in respect to the competitive power of complete industries.

This seminar at the International Meeting and Research Center for Computer Science at Schloss Dagstuhl Germany focuses on this important domain. Of particular interest are hereby methods for solid modelling, constraint and feature-based design of object families, product design, efficient integration of tools for calculation, simulation and analysis, design tools for very complex systems and assemblies, as well as rapid prototyping.

During the seminar, new solutions for these important problem areas will be discussed among leading experts. Besides the research presentations, this seminar is intended to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and participant experiences. In this seminar, we focus on new developments in this dynamic research areas:

  • Solid and surface modelling.
  • Constraint and feature-based design of object families.
  • Feature-based product design.
  • Design tools for very complex systems and assemblies.
  • Efficient integration of design, simulation and analysis.
  • Future CAD architectures.


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