LIPIcs: Processing Charge

In short:

  • We charge the total cost of the entire volume to the conference organisation. We do not charge individual authors.
  • Processing Charge of 60 EUR (net) ...
    • per published paper (if the average count of main text1 pages per article is ≤ 20)
    • per block of 20 main text pages (otherwise).
  • To give a precise formula for calculating the charge for the entire proceedings volume, let P be the total number of main text pages from the n papers in the volume. Then:
    Total cost(entire volume) = max(n,floor(P/20)) * APC (net).


Background info concerning APC:

As a publicly funded institution, we have to recover the costs of our publishing activities so that there is no competitive advantage over commercial providers. For the cost recovery we work with an article processing charge (APC), which currently is 60 EUR (net). This amount was set under the assumption that the average length of a paper does not substantially exceed 15 to 20 main text pages, i.e. number of pages after typesetting excluding title page and the bibliography.


Resulting Page-Limit Recommendation:

Given the above, we suggest 20 main text pages1 as a page limit, which could for instance be in the form of 15 pages for the main body of paper plus up to 5 pages for appendices.

Note that this is only a recommendation and it is up to the editors of the respective volume to decide on a policy regarding the page limit2.


Please read this letter from Raimund Seidel, explaining the background for the APC change over the years.


1 "Main-text pages" are all contents except the title page with title, authors, affiliations, abstracts, ..... and the bibliography.

2 Please note that we expect a certain flexibility at any page limit (+/- 1 page) to avoid too much extra effort to harmonize LIPIcs-compliant formatting and page limit for both authors and final typesetting by the LIPIcs Office.


In case of questions, please contact:

Dr. Michael Wagner

Phone: + 49 (0)6871 / 905-200

E-Mail: michael.wagner(at)