DARTS: Proposal

To publish an issue in the Dagstuhl Artifacts Series (DARTS), the organizers of a conference must submit a proposal covering the following issues:

  • Information about the conference
    • Content: Topics, size of the articles, number of articles, ...
    • Peer Review: How is the peer review process organized?
    • Timeline: Coarse schedule regarding the deadline for submission, duration of the peer review process or notification deadline, respectively, deadline for submission of camera-ready documents for both research papers as well as search artifacts.
    • Proceedings: Where are the proceedings published?
  • Artifact Evaluation Process:
    • Description of the artifact evaluation process: Which parties are involved? How is the relation of the artifact evaluation committee and the regular program committee of the conference and how/when are decisions synchronized?
    • List of the artifact evaluation committee members.

The proposal will be processed by Dagstuhl's editorial office and then forwarded to the DARTS Editorial Board for a timely decision. The following decisions are possible: (1) acceptance, (2) request for revised re-submission, or (3) rejection. 

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In case of questions, please contact:

Dr. Michael Wagner

Phone: + 49 (0)6871 / 905-200

E-Mail: michael.wagner(at)dagstuhl.de