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Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops complement Dagstuhl Seminars. They look beyond recent research far into the future, trying to identify new goals, fields and applications of computer science. The scope of Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops includes reflection about the state of individual or overlapping fields.
Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops are more oriented towards a small group of internationally renowned senior researchers for an intensive discussion with a focus on strategy. In contrast to Dagstuhl Seminars they do not refer to their actual research results but reflect the state of a field, identify strengths and weaknesses, determine promising new developments and relevant new problems, and seek synergies between different fields.

Initiated in 2011 the series Dagstuhl Manifestos publishes the manifestos resulting from Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshops.


Publication mode

The journal Dagstuhl Manifestos is published in one volume with one issue per year.





Previous Templates

Until 2018, the following LaTeX templates have been used:

For authors/editors of a manifesto: dagman-authors.tgz

Sample manifesto: dagman-sample.pdf

Manual for the LaTeX style: dagman-manual.pdf

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For authors/editors of a manifesto:



Sample manifesto:


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