Dagstuhl Follow-Ups

The series Dagstuhl Follow-Ups is a new publication format which offers a frame for the publication of collections of peer-reviewed papers based on Dagstuhl Seminars. 


  • The reviewers will be appointed by the organizers of the Dagstuhl Seminar.
  • The authors retain their copyrights (Creative Commons license).
  • The publications are Open Access, i.e.,online and free of charge.
  • The publications are indexed, e.g., at DBLP.
  •  Each volume of  the series is assigned a ISBN.
  • The Dagstuhl Follow-Ups series has a ISSN number.
  • LaTeX style files for preparing the publication are provided.



Recently published:

  • Vol. 7: Andrei Krokhin and Stanislav Zivny (Eds.), "The Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Approximability", published February 2017.
  • Vol. 6: Simon M. Lucas and Michael Mateas and Mike Preuss and Pieter Spronck and Julian Togelius (Eds.), "Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games", published November 2013.
  • Vol. 5: Phokion G. Kolaitis and Maurizio Lenzerini and Nicole Schweikardt (Eds.), "Data Exchange, Integration, and Streams", published October 2013.

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In case of questions, please contact:

Dr. Michael Wagner

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