Submission of the invitee list

The proposed participant list must be provided via DOSA in the form of a CSV file. Please follow the guidelines on this page when compiling your list. Here is an example of a well structured list that includes all of the required information.

Content of the invitee list


The first line of the CSV-file shows the titles of all columns in your list. The titles and their sequence are ordered as follows:


Last Name, First Name, Affiliation, Country, Email, Junior, Female, Industrial, Homepage, Topic, Round

These column headings correspond to the following content for each invitee:

  1. Last name: last name
  2. First name: first name
  3. Affiliation: institutional affiliation (note: if it is not included in the institution's name, please state also the city where the institution is located).
  4. Country: country of affiliation
  5. Email: email address
  6. Junior: an "yes" should appear in this column only if the invitee is a junior scientist.
  7. Female: an "yes" should appear in this column if the invitee is female.
  8. Industrial: "yes", should appear in this column only if the invitee has an industrial affiliation.
  9. Homepage: homepage URL (if available)
  10. Topic: A list of seminar-relevant research topics covered by the invitee
  11. Round: (optional) A 1 or 2 for first- or second-round invitees.


We strongly encourage you to use a spreadsheet program for generating this file. If there are problems to load the example file we provide it here for Excel, Numbers, and OpenOffice. If necessary or possible, please choose UTF-8 as the character set, (;) as the separator, and double quotes (") as the escape character. Please upload only csv-files (no other file formats such as xls or pdf, please).

CSV file specification

If you choose not to generate the file using a spreadsheet program, please respect the following commonly used conventions:

  1. UTF-8 file encoding
  2. Fields separated by ";". Other valid separators are ",", "|", or the tabulator.
  3. Please enclose in double quotes columns containing the fields separator or a carriage return.
  4. If a double quote is contained in the field content, the field must also be enclosed in double quotes and all double quotes in the content must be represented as pairs of double quotes.

You will find a description of the CSV-format in the RFC 4180 and in the CSV 1203 open standard.

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