November 6 – 10 , 1995, Dagstuhl Seminar 9545

Real Computation and Complexity


F. Cucker, T. Lickteig, M. Shub

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The field of algorithmic complexity of real computational problems has seen strong developments in recent years. This topic with geometrical, algebraic, analytic, and numerical aspects encompasses the foundational area of scientific computing and has a wide range of relevant applications.

This new specific conference intends to join the various directions, to strengthen their unity, and to promote exchange of new ideas. It will take place on a regular and periodic basis, most likely every second year.

Beside participants from the former East and West of Germany participants came from Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. Scientists from both, Mathematics and Computer Science, contributed to the success of the seminar. We thank them all for their contribution.

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