March 30 – April 3 , 1992, Dagstuhl Seminar 9214

System Security


T. Beth, W. Diffie, G.J. Simmons

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Goals of this Dagstuhl Seminar

In March 1982 the first open research meeting in Europe on the then "new" topic Cryptography took place at Burg Feuerstein (Springer LNCS 149). While that workshop is considered to be the first of the EUROCRYPT suite of conferences, it also brought together many researchers in specialist workshops on the topics of the field, primarily at locations like Oberwolfach, Luminy and Cirencester. Meeting the needs of communication security and data integrity in theory and practice, cryptology apparently failed to address the wider system aspects arising from requirements of dependability encompassing security, safety and reliability.

Following an assessment workshop at Ascona in late 1989 and an Oberwolfach Workshop on "Mathematical Concepts of Dependable Systems" in spring 1990, where research problems of secure systems design especially under the aspects of specification and verification has been identified, the present workshop has been convened to address the topics of security and safety of (distributed) systems by emphasizing the points of view of cryptology, information theory, formal methods and system architecture.


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