June 24 – 28 , 1991, Dagstuhl Seminar 9126

Semantics of Programming Languages and Model Theory


M. Droste, Y. Gurevich

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Topic of the conference was the interplay between semantics of programming areas and the mathematical areas of model theory and ordered structures. Participation of researchers from different but neighbouring fields proved very fruitful. Methods from algebra, logic and order theory were used for the solution of problems from denotational semantics of programming languages and in domain theory. A number of talks also dealt with the quickly developing area of evolving algebras and their applications for a complete description of the semantics of logic programming languages. Several further talks considered topics ranging, for instance, from functional programming languages and database models to linear logic, boolean algebras and model theory.

The lively interest in this field was documented by the number 37 participants from Germany and abroad, of which 27 presented talks. In spite of the considerable number of lectures, the atmosphere in Dagstuhl castle offered many opportunities for the discussion of open problems and research ideas in small groups, and stimulated new collaboration between several participants.


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