March 18 – 22 , 1991, Dagstuhl Seminar 9112

Integration of Functional and Logic Programming


K. Apt, K. Indermark, M. Rodriguez-Artalejo

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In recent years the integration of functional and logic programming has become a major research topic. Functional languages permit efficient (parallel) implementations whereas logic languages offer a greater flexibility for problem oriented programming. Therefore, an increasing number of researchers investigates possible combinations of both programming styles in order to achieve a proper balance between the needs of programmers and machines.

The idea of organizing a Dagstuhl seminar on this topic originated from two projects: an Esprit Basic Research Action with K. Apt coordinating the part on integration of functional and logic programming, and an Acción Integrada where research groups of M. Rodriguez Artalejo at the Universidad Complutense Madrid and of K. Indermark at the RWTH Aachen collaborate on the development and implementation of the language BABEL.

The seminar covered the main research directions within the integration held: language design, semantics, logics, type theory, evaluation strategies and implementation techniques. This report contains the abstracts of all talks, as they have been written into the seminar book by the lecturers, and a list of addresses of the invited researchers.

Schloß Dagstuhl offered an excellent environment for carrying out this seminar. Thanks are due to the management and the domestic servants of Schloß Dagstuhl for providing all participants a pleasant stay.


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