February 25 – March 1 , 1991, Dagstuhl Seminar 9109

Logical Theory for Program Construction


J. P. Finance, S. Jähnichen, J. Loeckx, M. Wirsing

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Dagstuhl-Seminar-Report 7

Goals of this Dagstuhl Seminar

Today, many different approaches towards the use of formal methods in program construction exist, each having its favorite application domains, its advantages, and its drawbacks.

The aim of this workshop was to bring together experts to compare and evaluate their approaches and methods, especially with respect to their suitability for computer support. Great emphasis was put on discussions between the different approaches.

The workshop provided a forum for researchers and developers to gain awareness of current practical and experimental work across the breadth of the field.

Among the topics encompassed were:

  • Specification languages and methods
  • Algebraic algorithmic calculi
  • Program development based on type-theory
  • Program development based on logical theorem proving
  • Formalization of methods in meta-calculi

Although, as intended, a broad variety of topics was covered, including e.g. nonmonotonic reasoning as well as formal treatment of software reuse, some main issues can be identified:

  • constructive languages and calculi related to Martin-Löf's type theory,
  • formal semantics of algebraic and axiomatic specification languages
  • the combinatorial approach to functional program development related to the Bird-Meertens formalism.

We have the feeling that the workshop gave an actual overview of at least the European efforts in the field of formal program development and that it served as a source of mutual encouragement and suggestions.


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