June 18 – 20 , 1990, Dagstuhl Seminar 9025

Architecture and Performance


W. J. Paul, W. Gentzsch

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A good computer architecture delivers high performance at reasonable price. The field of computer architecture provides many techniques for constructing computers in order to achieve this goal. But computer architects rarely make their model of price and workload explicit; in case their performance Figures come from simulations or measurements and not from analytical proofs.

Explicit models of workload are constructed in the field of benchmarking. Sophisticated methods to analyze the runtime even of very involved algorithms exist in the field of theoretical computer science.

The organizers felt that insights into the effects of architectural changes on performance and into benchmarking could be gained, if the models of workload were explicit and if certain performance Figures could be obtained in an analytical way. Therefore scientists from the following three fields had been invited: architecture, benchmarking and analysis of algorithms.

This meeting was supposed to be the very first meeting to be held in the newly opened research institute IBFI in Dagstuhl, beautifully located in the middle of nowhere in the northern Saar country. Because of delays in the renovation of the building in Dagstuhl, the meeting had to be moved to a resort Hotel nearby. Funding was provided mostly by the IBFI institute. Additional funds came from IBM. The remote location and the apparently (but not really) absent organization of the meeting in the style of Oberwolfach was a new experience for some participants but everyone quickly learned to enjoy this.

The meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time after talks. This time was filled with extraordinarily lively discussions, which went across the boundaries of the three invited fractions. Stimulating this discussion was of course the main purpose of the meeting.

The organizers would like to express their thanks to everybody who helped to contribute to the success of this meeting.


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