April 28 – May 3 , 2019, Dagstuhl Seminar 19182

Multi-Document Information Consolidation


Ido Dagan (Bar-Ilan University – Ramat Gan, IL)
Iryna Gurevych (TU Darmstadt, DE)
Dan Roth (University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, US)
Amanda Stent (Bloomberg – New York, US)

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At this 5-day Dagstuhl Seminar, an interdisciplinary collection of leading researchers will discuss and develop research ideas that will lead to advanced multi-document information consolidation systems.

The seminar is centered around four major themes: 1) how to represent information in multi-document repositories; 2) how to support inference over multi-document repositories; 3) how to summarize and visualize multi-document repositories for decision support; and 4) how to do information validation on multi-document repositories. Questions of semantics, pragmatics (author perspectives, argumentation), representation, and reasoning (including spatio-temporal reasoning and entailment) arise across these themes.

Seminar participants, including established experts and promising young researchers from academia and industry, will have the opportunity to present research ideas, to outline their vision regarding the future of multi-document information consolidation technologies, and to collaborate in discussion groups led by the seminar organizers.

This is an action-oriented seminar. Outcomes will include: schemas for representing information from multi-document repositories, algorithms for validating that information and for doing inference over the representations, new use cases for multi-document information consolidation, and ideas for evaluation of approaches to multi-document information consolidation and their assessment within higher-level applications. Most importantly, this seminar represents a unique and first of its kind opportunity to bring together researchers from many fields that may contribute to the development of advanced multi-document information consolidation systems. Thus, an important outcome of the meeting as such will be a roadmap for the establishment of a corresponding research community.

Motivation text license
  Creative Commons BY 3.0 DE
  Ido Dagan, Iryna Gurevych, Dan Roth, and Amanda Stent


  • Artificial Intelligence / Robotics
  • Data Bases / Information Retrieval
  • Semantics / Formal Methods


  • Cross-document representations
  • Cross-document inference
  • Information validation
  • Decision support systems


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